Friday, 7 June 2013

Life IS .. ?

Life IS ..?

I used watercolor paper Canson graphic N1, watercolor, black liner Pigma, newspaper and magazine with photos.
First, I collected a collage, than I draw the details over it using watercolor and ink.
The idea behind the collage:
I live in Europe, we there is no war, but our life is absurd:
every day the same grey race against time : work - home, day - night ...
What for? why? 
The reasons for creating:
I would like you to stop and answer for yourself:
Are you doing what you really want to do just now? are you happy?  do you have a dream?
What is your life?

This collage is the 2nd week assignment from "Introduction to Art" course.
I received 25/25 :)
and here is my peer's comments:
 additional comments or feedback.
peer 2 → I liked the art's simplicity and strong use of colour. The slight transparency of the figure's hair is a good way of expressing how she is fading into grey, and a good contrast for the strength in the colour of her glasses. The artist statement, although very different from others I have looked at, is very clear and concise about the artwork. There is a good, illustrative feel to the work. The craftsmanship is strong, and the off centre composition is effective.
peer 3 → Wonderful! I just ask myself the same questions! Very beautiful!


  1. Love this piece...very dynamic and creative. I am happy to say that, yes, I am very happy! I believe I am finally learning to do just what I want without worrying so much what others think. It's been a long journey, but so worth it. Happy PPF! -janice

  2. Great combination of textures and brushstrokes!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. Great piece, I really like it. I am happy! I dream of a time when I can spend more time doing art. :)

  4. Really wonderful, love her open face. Happy PPF

  5. very strong image. love it!

  6. That is a really beautiful image!

  7. Thank you everyone for sharing your feelings with me and for your so kind comments!

  8. Beautiful face love the glasses. Yep I am happy.

  9. Wonderful work! I love the reflection in her sunglasses:)

  10. A very interesting collage, and a good contrast of the face against the background of papers.

  11. Интересная работа, философская!!!

  12. This is a wondrous piece Natalie. My Life is extraordinary in its capacity for pausing and reflecting. I sometimes catch myself hurrying up and have to just s l o w w a y d o w n.

  13. This piece is so clever Natalie. I think you've done an amazing interruption of looking out of the grey and to a vision that reflects your dreams.
    It's fantastic!
    Your sentiment is one very dear to me. I am very happy and reflect constantly on how lucky I am to be doing what I want, when I want. I don't take that lightly.
    Thanks for sharing ;D

  14. Dear girls, I am very happy to read your comments, as each of you is a creative outstanding and very kind person :) Thank you!!

  15. The image is fabulous - I especially love the translucent hair.


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